Review + Approval



An Introduction to Review + Approval
An in-depth look at submitting your feedback in our review environment.
Quick Start Guide: Submitting a Review
Just the basics on how to submit your feedback through our review environment.
Reviewing a Media Asset
Learn about features that make annotating media assets a bit more intuitive!
Reviewing a Web Page
Learn more about how to review a web page when included in a review.
Collaborating During a Review
During a review, collaboration is key. Learn more about how to keep those conversations going!
Proof Versioning
Version history, side-by-side comparison and more!
Proof Printing
Create a PDF report containing assets with relevant comments, annotation and approval statuses.
Proof Downloading
How to download the original proof assets during a review.
Lytho Review App for iOS and Android
Overview Keep pace with your team by reviewing proofs on the go with the Lytho Review App for iOS and Android. Never miss a review again and eliminate bottlenecks in your process by giving feedback right from your phone! See a full list of all...