Release Notes - December 16, 2019mail_outline

New Features

Insert Text Tool
Eliminate ambiguity between reviewers and designers with the Insert Text Tool. Now reviewers can clearly indicate where they'd like to add a new word or line break, making it easier for designers to interpret their direction, reducing the risk of mistakes.

The Insert Text Tool is only available if text can be identified in the asset. This includes email captures and common file formats like .pdf or .doc.

Reviewer Insights
Wondering what your reviewers are up to? ignite now keeps you updated on your reviewers’ progress by indicating when each reviewer last opened the proof and notifying you when each reviewer submits their review. 

Enable "Submitted review" app and email notifications in your Personal Settings.


  • Email notifications can be set to display information in additional European and Australian time zones.
  • Reports and custom views now offer the option to filter work items membership by “Unassigned."
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