Establishing Image Conversion Files 🎥mail_outline


Let's look at setting up Image Conversion Profiles.

If you select the Settings tab under Export Settings, there's an option for Image Conversion Profiles. This is a very fancy way of saying “let's set up image file types for your end user to select from.”

When publishing a Tempo template, you'll see that I already have a few options created. Here your file types will be JPEGs or PNGs. So if you need something for social media or a header image on your website, you could go ahead and get these set up.

Should you need to add a new profile, you can select the Add New button, and maybe I need a low-res JPEG option. We're going to name it and hit add. I now have that additional option here, and I can go through the steps of selecting the appropriate resolution and file type, all of that good stuff, so your end user has the options they need when exporting their Tempo template.

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