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Sharing Custom Views ensures your team is working for the same perspective, decreasing confusion around what should be worked on next, and fostering alignment between and across teams. 

Sharing Custom Views

Members with the Permission to Share Custom Views have the ability to share their custom views with Team Members and Stakeholders. Custom Views can only be shared by their creators.

  • Campaign, Project, Work, Request, Calendar, and Workload Custom Views can be shared with Team Members. 
  • Request Custom Views can be shared with Stakeholders.
  • Each user can only access the information within a shared view if they have the proper permissions.

Lytho ProTip: Use customized badge colors to make work items easier to identify at a glance!

To share a custom view, click on the actions menu in the top right corner of your view and select Share.

Choose the user(s) you want to share your view with from the dropdown list. A green check mark will appear next to your selections. Close the window to confirm your choices.

Once your view has been shared, a new icon will appear indicating the number of people the view is shared with. Select this icon to see who the view is being shared with. You can stop sharing your view by clicking to deselect the user(s). 

Views you are currently sharing will appear under SHARED WITH OTHERS on the left side of your workspace. 

Viewing Shared Custom Views

Views that have been shared with you will appear under SHARED WITH ME on the left side of your workspace. 

You have the ability to update the view type and sort order on views that have been shared with you. The shared view will reset to its original settings once you leave, so you don't have to worry about making any permanent changes. 

Within the actions menu in the top right corner, you have the ability to leave the view or set as your default view

Recommended Shared Custom Views

To help get you started creating custom views for sharing, we've put together a guide for views that can enhance team alignment. Check out our page on Recommended Views for view ideas to create for your individual team members. 

View NameRole(s)PurposeRecommended FiltersRecommended ColumnsView TypeView Area
Weekly StandupTeam MembersProvide a view of the team's priorities for the week and enable contributors to give status updates. 
  • Archived Status: Not Archived
  • Date: Due, This Week
  • Work Name
  • Assignees
  • Due Date & Time
  • Work Status
  • Work Type
  • Work Priority
  • Project Name
  • Project Priority
  • Project Name
  • Project Priority
  • Campaign Name
Table Work
Upcoming Campaigns/ ProjectsProject ManagersTo get a wide look at upcoming Campaigns or Projects and determine if resources or expectations need to shift. 
  • Archived Status: Not Archived
  • Campaign Status Stage: To Do

GanttCampaigns or Projects
Team Member PTOTeam MembersTo provide access to a specific team members work while they are away, ensuring nothing gets missed. 
  • Archived Status: Not Archived
  • Work Status Stage: To Do, In Progress
  • Assignees: OOO Team Member
  • Date, Due: OOO time frame

Brand CalendarSocial, Brand, and Communication teamsTo keep everyone aligned on when content is going live.
  • Archived Status: Not Archived
  • Any tags used to label go-live dates such as: brand, email, social, etc,

Calendar or GanttCalendars or Work
Multi-Project Kick-offProject MembersTo align on work items and due dates needed to complete a project. 
  • Project Name
  • Work Name
  • Start Date & Time
  • Due Date & Time
  • Assignees
  • Specialties
  • Blocked Status
  • Tags
SpecialtiesGroups of specialty team members like Graphic Designers or Videographers.Maintain alignment between team members with similar roles to foster collaboration and prevent duplicate work.
  • Archived Status: Not Archived
  • Specialty
  • Work Status Stage: To Do, In Progress

Team WorkloadTeam MembersTo provide transparency into and alignment of team workloads for resourcing. 
  • People: Team Members
  • Specialty


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