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Elevate Your Collaboration With Enhancements to Request File Markup

  • Seamless Collaboration With Video Assets - Request File Markup now supports video assets, significantly boosting your collaboration capabilities. This enhancement enables precise feedback and streamlined communication, ensuring every detail of your video project is addressed efficiently and effectively.
  • Optimized Comment Sorting - Sort comments by time code, newest comments, or oldest comments. This flexibility lets you prioritize feedback in a way that best suits your workflow, making your collaboration more organized and productive.
  • Copy Text From Comment Cards - With this latest update, you can now easily copy text directly from comment cards. This enhancement streamlines the sharing and utilization of feedback, allowing you to quickly incorporate suggestions and improve your workflow efficiency.

Instant Clarity with Declined Request Badge

The Declined request badge now displayed in red, providing immediate visual clarity. This enhancement helps you quickly identify declined requests and change requests, ensuring efficient task management and prioritization.

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