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The review and approval stage is often the biggest bottleneck in a creative project. With the Reviews Report in Lytho Workflow, you can get detailed information about your reviews, allowing you to streamline your review and approval process by identifying the source of delays or bottlenecks. The report also provides data to confirm your team is meeting SLAs and has the necessary audit trail of approvals, answering the eternal question: Who submitted which approval and when did they submit it?

Available Columns & Filters

Available ColumnsAvailable Filters
# of Reviewer Comments
Archived Status
Campaign ID

Campaign Name

Overall Version Status
Project ID

Project Custom Fields
Project Name
Project Status
Proof Completed Date
Proof Due Date
Proof Name✔ (Selected By Default)

Proof Sent Date
Proof Start Date
Proof Status
Review Deadline

Review Name✔ (Selected By Default)

Review Version✔ (Selected By Default)

Reviewer Approval Status✔ (Selected By Default)

Reviewer Duration*
Reviewer Invited Date
Reviewer Name✔ (Selected By Default)

Reviewer Opened Date
Reviewer Submitted Date
Reviewer Type
Review Deadline
Route Tier #
Route Tier Deadline

Task ID

Total # of Assets
Total # of Pages
Version Sent Date

*The Review Duration column only reflects the duration of reviews created on or after March 1, 2020.

Duration Definitions

Duration Metrics are calculated every day at 6am and 6pm EDT

Reviewer Duration: The total amount of time starting when a review is sent to the reviewer and ending when the reviewer submits their approval status. Any proofs currently in review are not included until they return. This is most helpful for closed projects/ work. The Reviewer Duration value is rounded to minutes or hours or days, depending on how much time was logged. For example, if a review lasted an hour and one minute, the duration will display "an hour."

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