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Move Work Groups to Other Projects

  • Now you can move entire work groups to existing projects, giving you more freedom to quickly build and edit projects.

New Ways to Filter in your Request Custom Views

  • Easily organize and track your requests and the requests of your team with a new filter for "Request Members" on request custom views and reports. Additionally, a new filter and column "Request Shared With" has been added to easily filter and view who requests have been shared with.

Better Delivery for your Deliverables 

  • Close the loop with requesters and make final deliverables more apparent! When a request is completed, requesters will receive an email notification listing all of the deliverables available on the request. Additionally, requesters and request members will get a notification when a deliverable is made available, even if the project isn't completed yet.

Additional Improvements 

  • Filter your list of campaigns by status stage with the new “Campaign Status Stage” filter for campaign custom views and reports. Status stages include “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Completed.”

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