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Wondering where to get started with Creative Automation? Unsure what deliverables would be helpful templates for your Stakeholders? Here are a few ideas to think about when identifying the best items to templatize. 

Commonly Templated Materials

  • Business cards
  • Event-related promotions
  • Social media graphics
  • Calendars
  • Web banners and ads
  • Internal announcements

Using Data to Make Decisions

Lytho Workflow reporting is a great way to help identify potential design candidates for templatizing. Think about the following data points and questions to determine the best starting point for your team.

  • Do you currently segment your data in a way to help you identify potential templates?
    • Do you have a request form for quick updates? You can report on the projects that have been created via a particular request form
    • Do you have an “Update” request form or project template?
    • Do you have a “New Project” or “Previous Project” custom field?
    • Tag for “Existing” or “Update” “Revision”
    • Do you use the word “Template” in the names of your projects, tasks, or proofs?
  • Do you have recurring projects?
    • Annual, quarterly, monthly updates?
    • Evergreen items that just need tweaks
  • How will you report on your templating ROI?
    • Overall project duration
    • # of team members involved
    • # of hours/LOE of project
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