Uploading Assetsmail_outline

Uploaded assets are added to the waiting room to add tags, planning dates, permissions, etc. before saving to the asset manager or sending for approval.

Adding tags and permissions in this stage is highly recommended because assets with tags will be easier to find in the asset manager and assets without permissions will be accessible for all users.

Waiting Room

Select Upload in the upper right corner of the asset manager and select from your local files. Once your file has been uploaded you'll be brought directly to the waiting room where you can edit your asset(s). 

You also have the ability to upload assets directly in the waiting room. Select Upload from computer, drag and drop a file into the box, or click Upload in the upper right corner. 

Select the asset(s) to reveal the edit bar. Click the carat in the right corner to expand or shrink your options. 

Learn more about editing options here. 

Once your asset is ready for upload you have a few options depending on your role. Save your asset(s) directly in the asset manager by selecting Save in the Asset manager or click the save icon on the asset or in the edit bar.  

If you do not have the option to save, Select Send for approval. Individual assets can be sent for approval by clicking the Send icon in the bottom right corner of an asset, 

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