Asset Manager



Navigating The Asset Manager
Search, download, and share assets with just a few clicks all within Lytho's Asset Manager.
Uploading Assets
Uploaded assets are added to the waiting room to add tags, planning dates, permissions, etc. before saving to the asset manager or sending for approval.
Focal Points
Focal Points in Lytho DAM allow you to designate the center of an image so that you don't have to continuously crop for specific specs throughout the Asset Manager and Brand Center, ensuring the focus stays where you want it.  Setting a Fo...
Embedded Links
Using Lytho assets within your CMS or HTML pages can be done with the embedded links feature in the Lytho asset manager.
Quitclaim Documents
Use Quitclaims to manage publication agreements for individuals releasing their image to appear in photographs and other media. This feature is especially useful for highly regulated organizations and educational institutions maintaining processes a...
Request For Upload
Users with the right to add and approve assets to the Asset Manager are able to send an upload link to anyone that needs to upload assets.