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I've heard you want to add a QR code to one of your documents. Let's go ahead and get that set up.

If you select the Settings tab under Document Settings, there's an option for Barcode Types. Here you can add barcodes or QR codes as an option.

Within your designs, you'll see that I already have a QR code set up. The type is QR code. But if that was not already set up in your account, you could select Add New, name the new barcode type, and hit add.

You'll see that that now is appearing in your list, and I could change the barcode type to QR code or to any other barcode type that would be applicable to my design and hit Save.

Let's see what that looks like actually in action.

I have a document open, I'm creating a social media graphic, and I want to add a QR code to this top right corner. I am going to create a barcode frame. You'll see I now have a blank red box and my barcode settings tab has appeared.

From this Type I am going to select QR Code. You'll see that this list matches the list that was in my Barcode Types. I'm going to select QR Code, and I am going to add my value. So whether that is your LinkedIn profile, your calendar link, your company, website, whatever that might be, and hit Apply.

And now I have a nice little barcode that I can move around and resize.

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