Release Notes 1.16.0mail_outline

New Features

Custom Proof Instructions in R+A

Want to provide more detailed instructions for reviewers? Now you can include custom proof instructions that will display in the review email invitation and when users log in to complete their reviews. In addition to pre-annotation, this feature allows creatives to collaborate more seamlessly with reviewers, including the option to change or update the instructions with each new version.

Reviewer Comments are now indicated within the Proof Route

Wondering if a reviewer has left any annotations or comments? Now, within the proof route you can gain insight on how many comments each reviewer has left in real time, without ever opening the review. This allows creatives to get a sense of how much feedback they are getting, and how much time they may need to reserve for edits, even before the proof is returned.


  • Hide and show columns in a report. Changes made to columns will be saved in the report.
  • URLs added to comments, project and work descriptions, and Message to Requester will now show up as clickable hyperlinks.
  • The files tab will now show the number of files attached to a project, task, or proof.

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