Branding the Back Office 🎥mail_outline


Let's look at branding your CHILI Back Office instance.

You'll notice here that we have the Lytho logo on the splash screen as well as in the top left navigation bar. I also have our brand colors running across the top. But how did I do this?

If you go to the Systems tab, under GraFx Publisher, if you select GraFx Publisher Management, this is where you can add embedded links for your logos.

So pull those right from your Lytho DAM, add those in.

We have an option for the logo URL. That is going to be this guy up here. And then also for that login logo, you can add the same link, and then you'll just scroll down and select Save Changes. And you will have a lovely account logo.

And then if we want to also look at colors, go back to that Systems tab. Under GraFx Publisher, we can select colors and you can decide what your color scheme of the system should be. Go ahead and copy those HEX codes from your Brand Guides and place 'em right into the color option, and you'll be good to go.

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