Release Notes - June 15, 2019mail_outline

New Features

Assign Users from List Views
Need to quickly assign team members to several work items? Users can now assign team members directly from list views for campaigns, projects, tasks, and proofs so it’s easier than ever to assign work!

Bulk Import Projects with Project Templates
Get a jump start on filling out project details on imported projects! Now, when bulk importing projects into inMotion ignite, you can also indicate which project template should be applied to each project. Tasks, proofs, work groups, and assignments will already be in each project, reducing time spent on project setup!


Attempting to mark a project or campaign as “complete” prior to completing all associated work will prompt a warning

An in-app notification will alert users when report exports are ready to download.

Added status visualization in the Campaigns report.

Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive logos are visible when adding a file from a storage integration.

Added links on the Integrations page to download inMotion integrations for Adobe Creative Cloud for team members.

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