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There are times where your asset management strategy will include who should and should not be allowed to download assets freely. By restricting an asset's download settings, you can require these users to request the ability to download rather than having open access.

Restricting Download Access

In the Asset Library, an asset can be downloaded by users with the assigned rule to download assets and the ability to see the asset. In order to restrict someone with both of these traits from downloading your selected asset, you'll need to use the Publish date feature. 

Within the PLANNING tab of the Action Bar you can set a Publish date. This date specifies the time period an asset may be downloaded by a user. You are able to set a From, or starting date, to specify what date this asset should be available for download, a To, or ending date, to specify when this asset is no longer available for download, or a Period to set a limited timeframe of availability.

Users assigned the "Edit copywrite settings of assets" rule are allowed to download assets even if the assets are outside of their Publish date range.

You also have the ability to complete this process under the PROTECTION tab within the All Details menu.

Lytho ProTip: If you upload any assets that should immediately require a request for download, you do not need to have a Start date populated. Instead, set the Publish date's End date field to a past date.

Requesting an Asset Download in Asset Manager

Once an asset's Publish date has been reached, any users without the "Edit copywrite settings of assets" rule will need to request access to download the asset. When they click the Download button, they will instead be shown a Requset for access option.

Depending on how your acceptance hierarchy is set up, an approver will receive a To do item notifying them that someone has requested download access to an item along with a message the requester may have provided.

Clicking on this notice will take them to the All Details menu of the requested asset. Towards the bottom of the GENERAL tab, you'll see Request for access and any notes from the requester. Use the thumbs up or thumbs down icons to accept or decline the request. Declining will grant you the option to provide a message to the requester. The requester will receive an in-app notification with your decision.

Restricting and Requesting a Publication Download in Create & Publish*

When creating a Template in the Create & Publish component, you can require that users without the "Approve publications" rule request approval to download or share their Publications. From the OUTPUT tab, select the Created publication requires approval setting.

Once your Template has been given this setting, your users will see a message reading "Send in for approval" instead of an option to download the generated asset.

Clicking Send in for approval follows the same pattern as Requesting an Asset Download in Asset Manager.

*Available only to customers with Create & Publish

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