Something's not working the way I expect it to. Where do I start?mail_outline

If something in the system isn't working the way you expect it to-- a file isn't uploading, a button isn't working, a comment isn't saving, etc.-- try clearing your cache, as it is often the solution and a necessary first step in troubleshooting.

What is a browser cache?

When you visit a web page, your browser creates a temporary cache of the website data, which helps your computer load it more quickly on future visits. If there are conflicts between the cached version and most current version of a website, it can cause trouble with the way certain elements load or function.

Clearing your cache

Here's how to clear the cache in each browser we support. When clearing your cache, be sure to select a time range of "From the beginning of time", "Everything", "All", etc. 

You can use these keyboard shortcuts to clear your cache in all browsers except Safari:

Win - CTRL + Shift + Delete
Mac OS - Command + Shift + Delete

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