Creating a Text Variable 🎥mail_outline


I want my end user to be able to edit text within my Tempo Smart Template. That means I need to go ahead and add a text variable to my document.

To do this, I am going to navigate to the variable data tab, and you'll notice that there are no variables currently in my document, so I have no logic set up for my template.

Let's change that.

I am going to hit the plus sign to add a new variable. You'll notice that there is now a variable settings panel. I can also get to that by hitting the edit pencil next to that specific variable.

I want my user to be able to edit the header on my template, so I'm going to rename it. I already have the correct variable type selected.

And then if I scroll down, there are a couple of additional options that I can take advantage of should I want to. We've got our prefix, so if you were working on a business card and wanted a standard area code for your phone numbers to autogenerate you could add that there. The opposite goes for suffix. So if I was doing an email address on that business card, I could put so my end users don't have to 1) take that extra step, but 2) there's no chance of them messing it up. I am not going to do that for this example, but I'm going to hit close.

We now officially have our first variable set up, so now I need to actually apply that variable.

In this example, I want them to be able to change the header, so I'm going to select that text frame. I am going to select this toggle that says this frame contains variables. And then I am going to hit edit story right above that text frame that I've selected.

I'm going to go ahead and copy this text out so I can use it later, but it's not a hundred percent necessary. You'll see why in a second.

This is where I need to select the variable that is appropriate. So in this instance, I only have one, so I'm going to add that in. I did that by double clicking, but I could have also selected it and then hit insert variable down here. So I'm going to hit close.

Now my text frame officially has a variable set up in it.

I could stop right here, but just to make it a better experience for those in stakeholders, I could go in from the variables panel on the left. I could go in and re-paste that text that was there. This is the text that they'll be able to delete, edit, change. It's just a nice visual cue for them to understand what that's going to look like. And they can use it as a basis for their text should they want to.

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