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Adding assets to your Lytho environment is only allowed for authorized users. But what if you want your external photographer to add his or her pictures to Lytho? Users with the right to add and approve assets to the Asset Manager are able to send an upload link to anyone that needs to upload assets.

Creating a Request For Upload Link

Select the upload buttonRequest_Upload in the top right corner in the Asset Manager or the Waiting Room to begin creating your request. 

In the GENERAL tab select the date the link will be valid through, a name for your link, and a message for your end users. The name is only displayed internally within your shared links for easy management.  

You have the ability to add Tags and Permissions within the additional tabs. This ensures that the assets coming in will have the appropriate tags or permissions applied so that you do not have to apply to each individual asset in the waiting room. 

Select Create link to create a link that can be copied and shared with your end users. You also have the option to send an email directly from Lytho DAM. Enter the email address(es) in the email field and click Send email to send. 

Below is how your link will appear to your end users. When the link is used and assets are uploaded, the uploaded assets will be added to the Waiting rooms 'Approval Requested' section, marked with the e-mail address of the uploading user.

Ensure your end users know that they must click Send uploaded assets to complete the request. 

Track your uploaded link usage in your settings within Shared Links.

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