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Minimize distractions, keep things moving, and ensure your assets are always on-brand! Lytho offers a variety of Adobe plugins that meet you exactly where you are so that you can get your best work done without having to leave your preferred Adobe application.  

🎥Watch: How to Stay in Adobe with the Lytho DAM and Lytho Workflow Plugins

Workflow + Adobe

The Lytho Workflow Plugin for Adobe Creative Suite allows you to coordinate proof work within InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Create, view, and complete proofs all without having to leave your Adobe application.

🎥Watch: Using The Lytho Workflow Plugin for Adobe Creative Suite

🎥Watch: Keeping It In Adobe: A Designer’s Guide to Using the Lytho Workflow Plugin

You’re focused, head down, creating. The last thing you need is another app pulling your attention and breaking that flow. Luckily, designers and creators can view and act on proofs in Lytho directly from Adobe applications. Join us as we take you through a deep dive of the Lytho Workflow plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud and how you can best leverage this powerful tool to streamline your process and keep doing what you love – creating! 

Asset Manager + Adobe

Easily select images to use in your InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator documents. The Lytho Adobe CC plugin enables you to search and filter through all assets within your Lytho DAM environment without leaving your document. Once you're done editing, you can upload your document directly into the Waiting Room.

🎥Watch: Using the Lytho DAM Plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud

Create + Publish

Team members, partners, and franchisees can easily create the marketing materials they need by using customized templates and publishing directly to Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and more. And they're always on brand.

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