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Prefilled Fields with Lytho Tempo

Prefilled Fields allow account admins to link texts, images, and hyperlink values to fields that will auto-populate within templates in Create & Publish and Tempo. Users can manage their values within personal account settings, cutting down on repetitive work and ensuring information is always correct. 

Create Prefilled Fields for names, addresses, logos, or any other reusable values to be applied to as many templates as desired. 

Upload External Assets to Templates

Provide stakeholders with the ability to add files outside of the DAM to templates with the external asset upload in Create & Publish and Tempo. Not every approved or useful asset lives in your DAM, and this permission-based feature provides trusted stakeholder with the option  to add images not stored in the DAM to templates.

Interested in learning more about Lytho Tempo? Let us know! We would love to show you. 

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