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When it comes to managing work in Lytho Workflow, Projects are a key pillar. Whether they act as a folder to manage Tasks and Proofs, come together to populate a larger Campaign, or act as the main operator to manage your work, Projects can be used in a variety of strategies!

Creating a Single Project

To initiate a new project, navigate to the Projects icon from the left-navigation list. Click Add Project in the top right.

Select New Project to create a single Project.

If you have already created and published Project Templates, you can use the Project Template dropdown to create a Project using a preset configuration. Select Save to complete this step.

If you would like to assign the Project you're about to make to an existing Campaign, use the Add to Campaign dropdown to find the desired  Campaign. Select Save to complete this step.

When you are ready to create the Project, select Create Project. If a Project Template was not selected, your project will not have any work created nor any users assigned. If a Project Template was selected, all work and user assignments will already be configured.

To learn how to create many Projects at the same time, check out our Importing Work Items document!

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