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Time Tracking is only available for Business and Enterprise customers.

Adding New Time

To add time to a task or proof, navigate to the relevant work item. On the right-hand side of the task or proof details modal, select the Add Time Entry button to add a new entry.

Select the relevant date, and enter the tracked time in hours and minutes. When available, choose a time type from the required Category menu and add any relevant notes as necessary. Click Add Time to finalize your entry.

Managing Time Entries

To view or edit time on a task or proof, select the TIME tab from the work details modal. To manage an entry, select the action menu to the right of the individual time entry. Choose Edit to update the time entry or Delete to remove it from the work item.

If you choose to edit the time entry, make any necessary changes in the Edit Time modal and click Save.

The total time recorded by all users on a task or proof will show beneath Tracked Time on the right-hand side of the modal. From the TIME tab, you can also view the total time tracked per user on that task or proof.

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