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Creating links can be done from various places in Lytho, each link having its own purpose. Whether you want to share assets, brand guides, publications, or request that someone upload new assets, these links will have some variable settings.

If you have sufficient rights in Lytho, shared links can be managed throughout the whole system in Account Settings within the SHARED LINKS tab. 

Within both shared link spaces you have the following menu options to view what has been shared:

  • Share assets
  • Requests for upload
  • Publications
  • Brand guides

Within each space you have the ability to view and sort by Name, Type, Creation date, Created by, Valid thru, Allow downloading, and Active.

Select the header name to sort by that data point in ascending or descending order. 

Hover over a shared link and click the actions menu to the far right to Edit, Visit link, or Delete. 

When an asset has been downloaded, there will be an additional option, Link details, that shows how many times this link has received a download and which of the assets have been downloaded.

Manage your personal links from your profile within the SHARED LINKS tab.  

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© Lytho, Inc. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy

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