Release Notes - February 6, 2023mail_outline

New Features  

Define Time Constraints By Review Tier

Spend less time manually managing proofs and provide your reviewers with clear expectations of when feedback is due with Time Constraints. Now you can configure your route tiers to automatically move forward based on date or duration. System notifications and emails keep your reviewers informed of deadlines, so you don’t miss yours!

Add Tier Constraints to Your Templates

Automate your deadlines at scale with templated time constraints. Building time constraints into your templates will automatically create relative review deadlines for your projects, making it even easier for your team to keep projects on track and deliver on time.


Order Your Review Assets Where You Need Them!

Order your assets as they were meant to be proofed. Drag and drop functionality now allows you to re-order review assets prior to sending out, so you can get the context you need in the order that makes the most sense for your stakeholders.

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