Roles within Lytho DAM define what a user may or may not do based on the rules selected and left unselected for each role type. For example, rules can give a user the ability to add and edit assets, but not delete assets. Roles are mandatory for every user, so creating roles is a required first step before adding new users.

Creating Roles

Navigate to your User Settings sub-navigation in Settings and select Roles above your user list. 

Click the + Add button in the upper right corner to begin creating a new role. 

Create a name for your role and select the rules that you want your role to have access to. The rules are divided among five tabs, be sure to go through each tab. Select Save when complete. 

Pro tip: Use Ctrl+A to select all rules on a page. 

At any time you can edit a role by clicking the actions menu to the right of the role and selecting Edit


Rules define what each role is able to do throughout Lytho DAM. Below is a full breakdown of the rules available in each of the five tabs:

  1. Settings
    • Edit look & feel – Allows Users to edit the Theme Design
    • User management – Allows Users to create new users and edit existing users
    • Tag management – Allows Users to edit asset tags
    • Statistics dashboard – Gives Users access to the Lytho Dashboard
    • Send custom message – Allows Users send messages to other Lytho Users
    • Manage API keys – Allows Users to access the Advanced tab within Settings
    • Attach permissions to objects – Allows Users to add permissions to Brand Guides, Collections, etc. 
    • Manage data fields – Allows Users to access and edit data in Settings
  2. DAM
    • View assets & collections
    • Add assets
    • Edit assets
    • Delete assets
    • Download & share assets
    • Approve assets
    • Create & edit public collections
    • Edit visibility of assets
    • Edit copyright settings of assets
    • Crop images
    • Manage embedded links
    • Create upload requests
  3. Brand Guides
    • View brand guides
    • Create brand guide
    • Delete brand guide
    • Share brand guides with others
  4. Publishing
    • Publishing access
    • Template settings
    • Upload source files using the template builder
    • Make publications public
    • Delete templates
    • View private publications
    • Approve publications
    • Send copies of publications to other users
  5. Translations
    • Manage translations

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