2023 Workflow in Reviewmail_outline

Congratulations, you crushed 2023! Want to keep tracking your stats into 2023 and beyond? Use the resources below to create your own reports you can return to whenever needed.

Report Builder 

ReportReport TypeFiltersColumns
Requests SubmittedRequests
  • Date - Submitted Last Year
  • Deliverables
Campaigns CompletedCustom / Campaigns 
  • Date - Completed Last Year
  • Campaign Status Stage - Completed
  • Completed Date 
  • Campaign Duration
Projects CompletedProjects 
  • Date - Completed Last Year
  • Project Status Stage - Completed
  • Completed Date 
  • Project Duration
Tasks CompletedAll Work
  • Date - Completed Last Year
  • Work Status Stage - Completed
  • Work Duration
Reviews SubmittedReviews
  • Date - Submitted Last Year
  •  Reviewer Approval Status - Select all except "Skipped" 
  • # Of Reviewer Comments
  • Reviewer Approval Status
  • Overall Version Status (to calculate "Approved As Is")

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