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Recently deleted assets aren't gone forever. They will, instead, move to the Deleted section of your DAM just in case they were deleted by mistake!

Deleting an Asset

Users assigned the "Delete Asset" rule will be able to send assets from the Asset Manager to the Deleted section of the Account Settings page. To do this, click on or highlight an asset that you would like to remove and select the trash can [Delete asset] icon.

Viewing and Restoring Deleted Assets

Navigate to the Deleted Asset list by selecting the gear icon [Settings] from the top right corner of Lytho DAM and then selecting DELETED from the bottom of the left navigation bar. 

Only users assigned the "User Management" rule will have access to this page.

By selecting the ellipses [...] on the far right side of a deleted asset, you will see the options to view the asset's information or to restore the asset to the Asset Manager.

From the View option, a window will pop up showing you the filename, file type, size, when it was deleted, and who the original uploader was — an email address will be provided if the uploader used an external upload link. You can use the Restore button in this window, or from the original ellipses, to send this asset back into the asset manager.

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