Establishing PDF Export Settings 🎥mail_outline


Let's look at creating PDF Export Settings.

So if you select the Settings tab under Export Settings, there's an option for PDF Export Settings. These are where you can create export options for your end users to select from.

When creating a publication using a Tempo template, you can see that I already have some options set up: one with crops and bleeds if they're sending their deliverable to the printer, a high-res, and a low-res.

If you need to add options, there is an Add New button at the bottom left, and I could create an option for a digital PDF, so something that they're going to add to their website or maybe social media.

You have the options to select and unselect, and then down here at the bottom, you can determine what are those options for your images. Do they need to be high quality, low quality? You have full control over compressions, pixels, etc.

Once you save these changes, these will appear as options in your Tempo template as PDF exports.

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