Release Notes 1.20.0mail_outline

New Features

Proof Sharing 

Do you ever find yourself needing feedback from a reviewer that was not originally on the proof route? With Proof Sharing, reviewers on a proof can easily bring in any other user on the account by simply @mentioning them in the review comments, or by emailing one or more users. 

Collaboration on a Returned Proof

Collaboration doesn’t have to stop when a proof is returned! When enabled, reviewers on a proof can continue to leave comments after a proof is returned, enabling reviewers to respond to each other, and answer follow-up questions from the designer without changing the proof status. 

Email Digests

Too many emails in the inbox? Consolidate your inMotion ignite notifications emails with daily or weekly digests to get all the information you need on the schedule that is right for you!

Optional Reviewers

With the new “Optional” group type in proof routes, you can now include non-essential reviewers. Optional reviewers will have access to the proof and their review status will be included in the overall proof status, but the route will continue to move forward if they do not provide a review. 


  • New work groups created in a project will now automatically scroll to the group and focus on the group name.

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