Release Notes



Release Notes - September 11, 2023
Improvements Rich Text Editing in Descriptions   Streamline communication and amplify the clarity of information you put in Workflow. Text formatting capabilities are now available in descriptions, allowing you and your team to engage in mo...
Release Notes - August 26, 2023
Improvements Enhance Your Reporting with the Deliverables Column  Easily view the number of market-ready assets with the Deliverables column, now available in Campaign, Project, and Work reports.  Feeling nostalgic? Here'...
Release Notes - July 31, 2023
Improvements Enhance Your Reporting and Custom Views with the Request Form Filter and Column A new powerful filter and column, Request Form, is now available in custom views and reports. Filter by specific request forms, even those in draft, to ...
Release Notes - July 3, 2023
Improvements More Control with In-app Notifications Organize in-app notifications in "Read" or "Unread" tabs to create an interactive to-do list or collection of reminders, helping you keep track of work that needs addition...
Release Notes - June 19, 2023
Improvements Mark Any File as a Deliverable  Streamline asset sharing and collaboration by marking files as deliverables within campaigns, projects, and work items - even when not connected to a specific request. The purple deliverable ba...
Release Notes - June 5, 2023
New Features  Timesheets* Timesheets supports effective time management for teams by providing an easy process for logging time across all task and proof assignments, visibility to gaps in logged time, and aggregate data for at-a-glance i...
Release Notes - May 1, 2023
Improvements  Quality of life improvements for time tracking  Kanban views will now display tracked time, making it easy to monitor your progress at-a-glance. Time will now only display in hh:mm format, creating a more intuitive ex...
Release Notes - April 3, 2023
New Features   Bulk Date Shifting  Scope often changes for creative teams, and the ability to make quick and accurate updates to date fields across multiple work items saves time, ensures alignment, and encourages adoption. Now with ...
Release Notes - March 20, 2023
New Features   Push Workflow Deliverables into DAM The creative process doesn’t stop when an asset is approved for delivery. The asset's lifecycle is just beginning as it’s now ready to go to market to drive outcomes. Team...
Release Notes - February 20, 2023
Improvements   Easily View Your Assets in DAM* You can now link DAM files directly to Workflow items with our expanded, cross-platform integration, eliminating friction caused by the antiquated download/upload file sharing cycle. This impro...
Release Notes - February 6, 2023
New Features   Define Time Constraints By Review Tier Spend less time manually managing proofs and provide your reviewers with clear expectations of when feedback is due with Time Constraints . Now you can configure your route tiers to aut...
Release Notes - November 14, 2022
Improvements  Filter Workload by Tags  Workload views allow you to easily view the full scope of what your team has on their plate and better understand when new projects can be added. Now with the ability to filter work items by tag...
Release Notes - October 17, 2022
New Features Customize Your Task & Proof Statuses*  Does your organization have its own language for moving work across the finish line? When a standard proof or task status won't cut it, you can now use your preferred wording and c...
Release Notes - September 19, 2022
Improvements  Easily View Deliverables in Request Custom Views and Reports  We've amped request reports and table views up a notch with our new Deliverables  column. At a glance, users can now see how many deliverables ar...
Release Notes - September 5, 2022
Improvements  The Adobe Extension is Now Available Globally! Now our European teams can also improve productivity and streamline their work by performing workflow tasks and receiving real-time notifications in Illustrator, Photoshop and InD...
Release Notes - August 22, 2022
Improvements  Easier Prioritization with Kanban Kanban views are a great visual way to stay on top of your work and now they provide even more critical information at-a-glance! A new badge showing Level of Effort helps quickly prioritize ...
Release Notes - June 27, 2022
Improvements  Quickly view requests needing your attention   We have updated the view when clicking My Requests from the Dashboard Hot Sheet to show only requests in a submitted state so you can quickly begin accepting and delivering...
Release Notes - May 30, 2022
Improvements  Easier Date Filtering for Future Time Frames  Now when filtering by date throughout Lytho Workflow, you have the option to select time frames for the next 7, 30, and 90 days.    Feeling nostalgic? Here&...
Release Notes - April 2, 2022
New Features  Improved Views We've made it even easier to sort, filter, and view what you need to see in the way that works best for you. Leverage your favorite filters in Requests, Campaigns, Projects, Tasks, Proofs, Calendars, and W...
Release Notes - March 21, 2022
Improvements Quickly Add Work Items and Projects into Specific Work Groups  Work groups  allow you to categorize your project and campaign work in a way that is intuitive and easy to manage. Now when accepting requests and moving...
Release Notes - February 21, 2022
Improvements View More in My Reviews See critical information at-a-glance! My Reviews will now display your review status, if a review is optional for you, and if you have been skipped.  More Transparency with Requester Insights*&nb...
Release Notes - February 7, 2022
New Features  Customize the Create Request Modal Provide your requesters with more context when creating new requests! Now you can edit the label and provide helper text in the Create Request modal to ensure your requesters are providing th...
Release Notes - January 24, 2022
Improvements React to Comments with Emojis Emojis are a great way to quickly indicate that important messages have been read or show excitement and support. Now you can emoji react to comments in Requests, Campaigns, Projects, and Work! ...
Release Notes - January 10, 2022
New Features Plan for Personal Time Off with Availability* We all need time off! Now in addition to account non-business days, Team Members can adjust their individual availability in Personal Settings. Additionally, Managers will be able to m...
Release Notes - December 6, 2021
Improvements Improvements  to Workload   Now you can view overdue work items in the  Workload  view. Turn on the toggle in Options to see overdue items display in red on today’s date. Available only to Busi...
Release Notes - November 1, 2021
New Features Specialties* Quickly find and assign the right people to work based on the skills needed to complete the task at hand! Create Specialties in Account Settings and apply to each team member. Once added you can power up project te...
Release Notes - September 13, 2021
New Feature  User Activity Log A new "Activity" tab in people will show a log of actions taken against a user record. Examples of activities captured in this log are: user created, notification settings changed, and password reque...
Release Notes - August 16, 2021
Improvements  Move Work Groups to Other Projects Now you can move entire work groups to existing projects, giving you more freedom to quickly build and edit projects. New Ways to Filter in your Request Custom Views Easily org...
Release Notes - August 2, 2021
Improvements  Easily access profiles directly from the Users report You can now view and edit profiles by selecting the name of a user from any Users report you create. Quality Of Life Improvements for your Dashboard  We h...
Release Notes - July 12, 2021
Improvements  File names will now wrap in the Complete Request Modal, making it easy to know which files to mark as Deliverables.  Feeling nostalgic? Here's what we released... Six months ago: Automatic Date Calculation...
Release Notes - June 21, 2021
New Features  Priorities*  Not sure what to work on next? Communicating the relative importance of all the work your team is juggling is paramount to achieving alignment within your organization and managing your team’s ability t...
Release Notes - June 7, 2021
Improvements  My Reviews page now displays the review status, making it easy to know the approval status of returned reviews. Quickly identify which work items are overdue in custom table views! Now any Due Date & Time that occur...
Release Notes - May 10, 2021
Improvements  More Transparency with Requester Insights  Requester Insights provide your requesters with transparency and help avoid one-off status updates. Now, you can provide your requesters with even more information by turning o...
Release Notes - April 19, 2021
New Features Timers* Tracked time is an incredibly useful data point for identifying bottlenecks and understanding how long your team's projects truly take. This week we're introducing Timers - the most convenient and precise way to ke...
Release Notes - April 5, 2021
New Features Copy Files to Associated Work Have every file you need at your fingertips! Now you can easily copy files included in a request to the associated work when you accept the request. Select the relevant files and see them appear on th...
Release Notes - March 22, 2021
New Features Start & Due Times  Planning events, social posts, digital promotions, or work with short turn-around times? Start and Due Times allow creative and marketing teams in ignite to manage their resources more effectively by seei...
Release Notes - March 8, 2021
Improvements   More Freedom with Tags Manage Tags more easily by merging them within your Account Settings. Get Notified About Things Important to You Keep tabs on all of your proofs with the new option to notify members o...
Release Notes - February 22, 2021
Improvements   Want to restart your Auto-Numbering sequence at the beginning of a new year, quarter, or month? Now you can reset your sequence and reuse numbers for projects, campaigns, and requests.   Easily see exactly when ...
Release Notes - January 11, 2021
New Features   Create, Edit, and Manage Your Own Forms! The Form Template Builder is intuitive, allowing you to build and update your own forms quickly. Drag and drop functionality makes it easy to add and organize fields and a wide varie...
Release Notes - November 30, 2020
Improvements   We have improved the way you filter in Calendar View, providing a more intuitive experience that aligns with other filtering areas in ignite. You can now also filter by Archived Status and exclude archived work from your view, o...
Release Notes - November 16, 2020
Improvements   As you manage your users in the system, we're making it even easier to see all of the important information in one place. The People page now includes each user's assigned role and job title. In addition, when reviewing ...
Release Notes - November 2, 2020
New Features  Visualize Project Schedules Ahead of Creation* Automatic Date Calculations in Gantt View provides an easier and more visual way to set up start and due dates and dependencies. Pop over to the Calendar tab in your project templ...
Release Notes - October 19, 2020
New Features  Quick Start Reporting Love reporting but not sure where to start? Our new reporting experience gives you the ability to access data driven insights quickly and easily. Now you can leverage a selection of templated reports to a...
Release Notes - October 12, 2020
New Features  Password Management  Now admin users can set requirements to ensure user passwords meet expected security thresholds. Options include setting expiration periods, minimum length requirements, and requiring the inclusion of...
Release Notes - September 5, 2020
Improvements My Reviews It's a win/win: the My Reviews list has a fresh new look AND now boasts direct access to the related projects you have permission to see, providing a full sense of scope as you complete your review! Campaign &...
Release Notes - August 22, 2020
New Features Data Warehouse* With this add-on feature you can combine your inMotion ignite data with the rest of your organization’s operational metrics in your preferred Business Intelligence platform for increased automation, customizati...
Release Notes - August 3, 2020
Improvements Detailed Notification Preferences   Want even more control over the notifications you receive? Now team members can choose which work items send notifications so that every email or in-app alert is relevant and helpful. ...
Release Notes - July 27, 2020
Improvements Notification Improvements For All!  We know notifications are important to staying up-to-date on projects and keeping collaboration strong. This latest release allows both core users AND stakeholders(!) to customize their pre...
Release Notes - June 29, 2020
New Features Cascading Custom Fields When Accepting a Request* Now, with Cascading Custom Fields in inMotion ignite, you can save time at request intake, prevent data entry errors, and make reporting even more useful by indicating which cam...
Release Notes - June 15, 2020
New Features Reviews Report Now with the Reviews Report in inMotion ignite, you can get detailed information about your reviews, allowing you to optimize your process by identifying the source of delays or bottlenecks. The report also provi...
Release Notes - May 25, 2020
New Features Automatic Review Reminders Are your projects stalled because you’re still waiting on feedback from reviewers? Now you can save time and get your reviews back faster with Automatic Review Reminders ! Determine how frequently...
Release Notes - May 11, 2020
Learn more about the latest release to ignite, including reordering custom statuses and unhiding comments in completed reviews.
Release Notes - April 27, 2020
Learn more about the latest release to ignite, including request sharing and timestamps on proof route tiers.
Release Notes - April 6, 2020
Learn more about the latest release to ignite, including auto-naming and kanban.
Release Notes - March 16, 2020
New Features inMotion ignite Review App for Android With the inMotion ignite Review App for Android , eliminate bottlenecks in your process and never miss a review again by giving feedback right from your phone! Within the app you can view a lis...
Release Notes - February 24, 2020
Learn more about our latest release, including custom field enhancements.
Release Notes - January 13, 2020
Learn more about our latest release, including bulk date shifting and Submitted Review enhancements.
Release Notes - December 16, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including Insert Text Tool, Reviewer Insights, and more.
Release Notes - December 9, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including Gantt Views, Automatic Date Calculations, and Submitted Review Notifications.
Release Notes- November 18, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including SSO for the inMotion ignite Review App for iOS and enhancements for admins.
Release Notes - November 4, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including bulk actions and task import.
Release Notes - September 30, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including the inMotion ignite Review app for iOS and enhancements to Requester Insights.
Release Notes - September 16, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including dependencies and project enhancements.
Release Notes - August 19, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including designer checklists, improved request management, project thumbnails, and more.
Release Notes - July 29, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including Business Days and SSO for Adobe Extensions.
Release Notes - July 7, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including request reporting enhancements and additional work controls.
Release Notes - June 24, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including attaching links and searching on custom fields.
Release Notes - June 15, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including quick-assigning users from list views and bulk importing projects with project templates.
Release Notes - May 15, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including Requester Insights, new integrations, and clearer review statuses.
Release Notes - April 13, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including campaign management, report enhancements, and default custom views.
Release Notes - March 16, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including custom views, auto-numbering and Box integration.
Release Notes - February 16, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including reporting updates and interface improvements.
Release Notes - February 2, 2019
Learn more about our latest release, including project import, enhanced reporting capabilities and new permissions.
Release Notes 1.20.0
Learn more about our latest release, including proof sharing, enhanced collaboration and email digests.
Release Notes 1.19.0
Learn more about our latest release, including user importing and updates to reporting.
Release Notes 1.18.0
Learn more about our latest release including scheduling, data visualizations and, report sharing.
Release Notes 1.17.0
Learn more about our latest release including time tracked on reports.
Release Notes 1.16.0
Learn more about our latest release including custom proof instructions.
Release Notes 1.15.0
Learn more about our latest release including traffic managers and time tracking enhancements.
Release Notes 1.14.0
Learn more about our latest release including reporting and time tracking.
Release Notes 1.12.0
Learn more about our latest release including dashboard, SSO and enhanced project creation.
Release Notes 1.11.0
Learn more about our latest release including custom project statuses.
Release Notes 1.10.0
Learn more about our latest release including Self-Registration, Level of Effort and Project Calendar view.
Release Notes 1.9.0
Learn more about our latest release including Email Review, Calendar Enhancements and Hiding Reviewer Comments.
Release Notes 1.8.0
Learn more about our latest release including Calendar, Archiving, Custom Drop Down Fields, and Start Dates.
Release Notes 1.6.0
Learn more about our latest release including Requests and Final Asset Delivery.
Release Notes 1.5.0
Learn more about our latest release including Custom Fields and drag and drop enhancements on the Project Details page.
Release Notes 1.4.0
Learn more about our latest release including URL Review.
Release Notes 1.3.0
Learn more about our latest release including Work Groups and Reviewer Renotification.
Release Notes 1.2.0
Learn more about our latest release including duplication and personal notification preferences.
Release Notes 1.1.0
Learn more about our latest release including multiple system improvements.