CHILI BackOffice Document Folder Structuremail_outline

The BackOffice of Chili Publish is based on folder structures that connect to Lytho Tempo. The path and naming of the Document folders are critical to keep the connection intact. If the root folders are moved or renamed, the integration will break causing a disconnection between the BackOffice and Tempo. 

There are three layers of folders: Lytho > # (assigned to your environment) > Templates and Publications. All final templates that will be used as a Tempo template input should live within the Template folder. Publications created from Tempo templates will live in the Publications folder. 

Additional Document folders are able to be created outside of the main Lytho folder but will not be available as a Tempo template input. 

If Templates or Publications are removed from the BackOffice, they will no longer be available within Tempo. If Templates or Publications are deleted from Tempo, the BackOffice will not be impacted.  

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