Lytho can be configured to the language of your preference via the profile settings. All of the standard text and terms will be translated when switching languages. However, there are a lot of custom added names and titles like templates and tags that won't be automatically translate but can be configured within these settings.

Generic Info

Within the Generic info tab in TRANSLATE you can view how many languages are available, how many translatable items are in Lytho DAM, and how many translations are missing. 

Click the edit icon in the top right corner and add or remove languages using the checkboxes. Click Next to continue. 

Select a default language from the dropdown menu if needed and click Save when complete. 

Tag & Template Translations

Within the Tag translations & Template translations tab in TRANSLATE you have the ability to manually update your translations or translate in bulk using export and import functionality. 

Select an area and fill in the empty text boxes below the appropriate language to add translations. 

Translations can be done in bulk by first exporting an excel file using the export icon in the desired area. Choose your preferred language, select All Translation and Start export

Once you have downloaded your export you should have something similar to the below file. Use additional columns to add languages and match their translations with the Default column. 

Once your file is ready, use the Import button to upload your file and import your translations. 

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© Lytho, Inc. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy

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