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Custom Fields in Lytho DAM enable you to add fields to your asset's meta data that are unique to your process and organization.

Example: You've just taken a number of headshots and want to make sure that it's easy to identify who is in each headshot. You wouldn't want to make a tag for each person, creating a lot of unnecessary work. Instead, you might add a "Who is in this photo?" Custom Field so that each person's name can be appended to the meta data and become a searchable value.

Creating Custom Fields

Navigate to ORGANIZE in your settings and select Custom fields to access your custom fields. 

Enter a name for your custom field in the text box and select the plus icon to create. 

At any time, edit the name of a custom field by clicking the actions menu to the right and select Edit

Managing Custom Fields in Single Assets

Add custom fields to a single asset in the META tab in asset details. 

Select Add custom field and choose from the available options.

Enter a value in the text box to the right of your custom field and click the checkmark to save. At any time you can edit the value for your custom field by clicking into the value. Click the X to remove the value. 

To completely remove a custom field from an asset, click the trash icon to the right. 

Adding Custom Fields to Assets in Bulk

When selecting multiple assets click the CUSTOM FIELDS tab and select from the Add custom field dropdown menu. 

Enter a value for your custom field and hit Enter or click out of the text box to save. 

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© Lytho, Inc. All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy

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