InDesign checklist for importing into CHILI BackOfficemail_outline

✔  Make sure your file is as light as possible.

✔  Fonts

  • Use only either otf or ttf fonts (other fonts are not supported).
  • Do not use Adobe fonts.
  • Do not use variable fonts.
  • CHILI does not support Optical Kerning. Change any text (and relevant Paragraph or Character Styles) to Metrics Kerning instead.
  • Fonts are installed on your machine.

✔  Paragraph and Character Styles

  • Define any styles you want to bring into your CHILI document.
  • Select and delete any unused styles.

✔  Colors

  • Create swatches for the colors you want to bring into your CHILI document.
  • Select and delete any unused swatches.

✔  Text Frames

  • Make sure you have enough space in your text boxes for any new text your users will add in Tempo.
  • Make sure the text boxes are not so large that they will overlap other elements if your users fill them with text in Tempo.
  • Remove any unused text frames.

✔  Objects and Layers

  • Clean up any unnecessary text or images in the pasteboard and remove any unused objects.
  • Group static images together.
  • Make a layer for your variable objects and layer for your static objects.

✔  Run the CHILI preflight panel 

  • Install the CHILI preflight extension here: CHILI Publish Adobe Extensions
  • List of CHILI preflight warnings and errors here: Preflight Warnings & Errors
  • You don't need to fix warnings, it's just an awareness of potential issues. CHILI may not support all the features InDesign has (for example: rounded corners on boxes, gradient strokes, and blend modes and effects on objects).
  • You DO need to fix errors.
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