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Workflow Business and Enterprise

Is your team on our Business or Enterprise plan? Use this guide to get started!

Workflow Starter

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Software Requirements
Find the minimum system requirements to run Lytho Workflow.
Customize Your Personal Settings
Learn how to customize your personal profile, avatar and notification settings.
Certain events related to requests, projects, tasks, proofs, and reviews will trigger in-app and email notifications to keep your teams informed of important collaboration and activity.
Global Search
Search the system, filter by tags, or list by pertinent fields to view your request, work, and review information the way you want.
Collaborating in Workflow
Team Collaboration Throughout the system, you can collaborate with other users by commenting, replying and @mentioning on requests, campaigns, projects, tasks, and proofs.  Collaboration during reviews is covered here . To begin, loca...
Custom Color Coding
Custom color coding creates a shared visual language within the team, providing a quick and easy way to take in information. Users don't need to click into item and read the details; instead, a quick scan of a colorized custom view provides th...
Creating Custom Views
Learn how to create more empowering table views of Projects, Tasks, Proofs, and Requests.
Managing Files
Upload and manage files within tasks, proofs, campaigns, and projects.  Adding Files Associate file(s) with each task, proof, project, or campaign for ease of use and team collaboration. When adding files into your Workflow, consider wher...
Archiving is a best practice for any workflow. Archiving allows you to keep your views organized with relevant Campaigns, Projects, work items, and Requests, while still having a record of past work to reference. Additionally, archiving is reversibl...
Lytho + Zapier
Zapier connects Lytho with thousands of popular apps, providing you with a flexible suite of integration— no coding skills required! Leverage our library of actions and triggers to save time setting up repetitive tasks, managing PTO, and ensu...
Storage Integrations
Streamline your file management process by connecting Lytho Workflow to Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
Lytho Workflow Capabilities for Stakeholder Users
A Stakeholder is a user type in Lytho Workflow that can be given permissions to request work, review work, receive final deliverable files, and collaborate on requests and reviews. Lytho Workflow keeps a history of all requests, files, and reviews s...
Stakeholder Tips & Tricks
Review + Approval Reviews Include Returned Toggle Toggle the Include Returned off and your Returned reviews will be hidden on the My Reviews page. This can be helpful when you have a lot of returned reviews and would only like to see your ...
Editing Work Item Details
When working with Campaigns, Projects, Tasks, or Proofs there is a lot of information to keep up with. Workflow's design keeps everything uniform so that once you learn what a field looks like, you'll recognize it no matter where you see i...