Getting Started



Customize Your Profile
Update your Profile, Password, Language, and Notification Settings.
The Dashboard in Lytho Dam is available to authorized users and provides an overview of valuable statistics so that you're able to easily view and track traffic within the platform.
Notifications Overview Certain events related to approvals, requests, imports, and downloads will trigger in-app notifications to keep your teams informed of important collaboration and activity. To view any new or past notifications within Lytho...
Based on your authorizations, you can assign or be assigned tasks within Lytho DAM to review newly added assets or created publications.
Sharing From Lytho DAM
Depending on authorization and restrictions: assets, collections, brand guides, and publications can be shared from Lytho DAM with people who have and do not have access. Sharing assets, collections, brand guides, publications, and requests for ...
Quick Start Guide: Find What You're Looking for Fast
Are you new to Lytho's DAM and want to find the quick answers you need without all of the fluff? This article was made to streamline your Asset Manager answers! Logging into Lytho Username and password If your Lytho login page only has tw...
Train Your Teams!
As you get ready to roll out Lytho DAM, we've compiled these resources for you to share with your Team Member and Stakeholders to help get them up to speed. Training Resources for Admins Email Templates DAM Training Decks Onboarding ...
Digital Asset Manager Training Decks
We have created agendas and slide decks that include the information your users need to start their onboarding successfully. Customize these materials to best suit the needs of your team’s roll out and trainings. You know your teams best &ndas...