Submitting a New Request
Learn how to create, modify and delete a request.
Request Management
Learn how to view and accept new submitted requests.
Request Sharing
Learn how to share a request and view a request that has been shared with you.
Final Asset Delivery
Learn how to provide final assets to a requester upon work completion.
Request Exports
Learn how to export a request.
Requester Insights
Requester Insights NOTE: Requester Insights are only available for Business and Enterprise Tiers Want to avoid one-off status updates? Allow requesters to view a dashboard that provides even greater transparency. To enable Requester Insights,...
Archiving is a best practice for any workflow. Archiving allows you to keep your views organized with relevant projects, work items, and requests, while still having a record of past work to reference. Additionally, archiving is reversible so you ...
Change Requests
When a deadline is on the horizon and your requesters have a sudden change, you want to know and respond quickly. Change Requests allow you to communicate changes between requesters and request accepters while maintaining a change history all in one...
Submitting a Change Request
You've already submitted your request and it has been accepted, but you now have updates that you need to share with your project team. Use Change Requests to ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date information when working on your request....
Request File Markup
Receiving information via a request can be difficult when there is disconnect between the Requester and the Acceptor. Use Request File Markup to help bridge the gap on your attached files! Accessing Request File Markup When or after submittin...